pre-production, or lack of it can make or break your performance, whether live or in the studio the expectations of your audience are higher and more demanding than ever before.

with such enormous choice available to your potential fans across all genres of music, today, what will set you aside? what will make you shine above the competition?

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we have written, produced, performed and consulted for musicians, venues and corporate clients across the world.

commercial clients include: alcatel lucent, hilton honours hotels, bbc, tama drums, arts council pearl europe, fender.

band and artist clients: emf, big m, Apollo 440, FSM, Kosheen, Simon Phillips, Mike Mancini, Robert Plant.

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‘one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.’

© bob marley


pre-production for live and studio recording, post-production audio services, mixing and mastering, stage management, promotion activities and event booking services for bands, artists and venues.

web, social media planning, strategy and auditing, digital promotional marketing and merchandise for gigs and shows graphic and brand design.

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